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LiftUp Your Community By Giving Back

Responsibility. Encouraging community is one of the driving forces for Matt and his team. Matt has seen difficult times and unjust circumstances rob the joy and hope from so many peoples' stories, including his own. As a result, he is deeply committed to giving back. You can join in!

Your Part. Use Matt as your exclusive listing or buyers agent. That’s it. Email or Call today to list your home or to begin the adventure of purchasing. Click the CONNECT button at the top of the page to get in touch!

Matt’s Part. After closing, Matt gives 10% of his commission directly to the LiftUP fund. This fund provides mortgage or rent relief for families or individuals who have been financially crippled due to circumstances beyond their control. 100% of the money in the LiftUP fund goes toward this purpose. If you know of someone who could use a breath in their story, use the form below to nominate them!

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If you know of a family or an individual who is struggling and could use help from the LiftUP fund, please fill out the form below to submit their story

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