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Room Refresh on a Budget

Looking for ways to refresh a room in your house on a budget? There are plenty of feasible options, so we have put together a few of our favorite ways to make this happen.


Adding wallpaper to the walls in your home can liven up any room easily. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to wallpaper design, so you can go with simple designs to very intricate designs. Wallpaper is also fairly inexpensive, however, we advise hiring a professional to install it as it can be tricky to do! If you don’t want to add wallpaper to every wall in a room, you can always put it on one wall so you have an accent wall instead!

Paint Refresh

Switching up a paint color or refreshing a paint color that already exists on the walls is an easy and great way to not only spruce up a room but also make the room seem more inviting. There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint! Paint is also fairly easy to apply yourself, so there is not always a need to hire help unless you want to. 

Light Fixture

Swapping out a light fixture is another easy way to give a room a facelift. There are plenty of interesting light fixtures out there to choose from ranging from modern to more conservative designs. 

Mirror Swap

There are several options as far as shapes, sizes, and frames go with mirrors. If you currently have some fairly basic mirrors in your home, why not try to swap them out with something that’s a different shape or frame color? Another easy way to spice up an area!

We hope you find these ideas helpful! If you’re looking for other ways to refresh a room on a budget, just ask us!

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