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Why Selling Before Spring is a Good Idea

Thinking about selling your home soon, but not quite sure when a good time would be to make the move (no pun intended). Winter happens to be a great time to sell, especially here in Nashville. Wonder why? See below. 

Homes are Selling Quickly

Inventory is very low right now! Some homes are being snatched up before they’re even officially put on the market. If you’re selling and looking to buy something else, this can work out in your favor as well. Sellers are seeing more and more bidding wars on homes since there are so many people looking to buy, which can sometimes result in getting over asking price on your home. 

Mortgage Rates are Low

Mortgage rates have continued to sit at an all-time low. You will be glad you locked your mortgage in at such a great rate as it will set you up for a long-term gain. What this means is that it is less expensive to borrow money for a mortgage compared to years where the rates were higher. Even slight increases in rates could increase your mortgage by quite a bit!

Beat the Rush 

Spring and summer are typically the busiest time of year in real estate. Selling your home before the rush will help ensure that your home stands out even more and (hopefully) sell faster.  

The demand for homes is high! If you’re interested in learning more about the selling process or are wondering how much your home is worth, just ask! We would love to assist you and help you get your home on the market. 


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